UncategorizedCuomo Blames ‘Political Pressure and Media Frenzy’ in Farewell Speech

Cuomo Blames ‘Political Pressure and Media Frenzy’ in Farewell Speech

Over the last few days, Mr. Cuomo re-emerged in person, holding two storm-related briefings and directing his personal lawyer, Rita Glavin, to conduct a 22-minute virtual presentation on Friday designed to push back on the attorney general report. Ms. Glavin also sought to cast doubt on the accounts from many of the women who accused the governor of inappropriate behavior.

As he departs, Mr. Cuomo leaves with a platform he can use to continue voicing his grievances, a following, however big or small, of loyal supporters whose admiration he earned during the pandemic, and a massive $18 million campaign war chest, by far the most out of any politician in the state.

On Monday, Melissa DeRosa, the governor’s top aide, issued a statement seeking to tamp down speculation swirling about Mr. Cuomo’s political future. Ms. DeRosa announced her plans to resign two days before Mr. Cuomo did, and her resignation — she is being replaced by Ms. Keogh — goes into effect at midnight as well.

“He looks forward to spending time with his family and has a lot of fishing to catch up on,” Ms. DeRosa said. “He is exploring a number of options, but has no interest in running for office again.”

It remains unclear where Mr. Cuomo, who does not own property, will live after he moves out from the Executive Mansion, which is just a few blocks away from the State Capitol.

“I’m sure he’s been saying goodbye to folks on the Executive Mansion staff, packing up, getting himself ready for a new living situation,” said Jay Jacobs, the New York State Democratic chairman, who had called for Mr. Cuomo’s resignation but said he has since spoken with him, as recently as early last week.

“He’s also been finishing up governmental work. There are things that have to go into place, things that are in place that have to be finished up,” he said.

Someone close to him said Mr. Cuomo has considered renting a house in Westchester County, where he has lived before and where his sister Maria Cuomo lives. Indeed, on Friday, moving trucks transported boxes from the governor’s mansion in Albany to his sister’s home in Westchester.

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