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Gareth Hughes, Sports Producer With a Human Touch, Dies at 41

Mr. Hughes was nominated for Emmys for both teases.

“He had this rare ability to see the absolute seedling of an idea through to the final product,” said Alanna Campbell, a feature producer at CBS Sports, “whether it was a show, a story or a technically complex shoot.”

Gareth Christian Hughes was born on Aug. 28, 1979, in Lebanon, N.H., and grew up mainly in Oxford, Ohio. He was diagnosed with testicular cancer when he was 11 months old.

His parents are professors at the University of Vermont. His mother, Susan (Boedeker) Hughes, teaches accounting; his father, John, teaches geology. In addition to them and his wife, Mr. Hughes is survived by his daughter, Belle Halladay; his son, Wylie; and his sister, Rebecca Behrmann.

After graduating from Skidmore College, where he majored in English, Mr. Hughes held various jobs, including beer vendor at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass., and focus-group office coordinator in Boston, before he moved into TV sports in 2006 with the New England Patriots, working on two TV programs and an online show.

He was hired by CBS in 2009 and over the next dozen years worked on live events, teases and documentaries and on “60 Minutes Sports” on Showtime, a part of ViacomCBS.

In 2015, he and Brad Burke, a childhood friend, started a podcast, “Just Not Sports,” on which sports figures talked about their passions away from their jobs. They embarked on a different venture in 2016, joining with others in creating a four-minute video in which the sports journalists Sarah Spain and Julie DiCaro listened as men Mr. Burke and Mr. Hughes knew read to the women vicious things that other men had written about them on Twitter.

The video went viral and won a Peabody Award for being a “moving attack on misogynistic troll culture.”

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