UncategorizedOpinion | Biden Thought Leaving Afghanistan Would Be Simple. How American.

Opinion | Biden Thought Leaving Afghanistan Would Be Simple. How American.

Marina Hyde was in an equally imaginative mood when she wrote this about Boris Johnson, the British prime minister, in The Guardian: “Johnson’s hair, always ridiculous, now seems to have reached animal rescue stage. The PM resembles one of those Old English Sheepdogs that charities put on sad-music fundraising adverts, with a voice saying: ‘When Boris came to us, his coat was so matted he was effectively blind.’” (Thanks to Betsy McKenny of Manhattan for nominating this.)

Applause to Nick Paumgarten, pondering Andrew Cuomo in The New Yorker, for this sentence’s climactic alliteration: “Advancing age, on its own, has never proved to be much of an impediment to oily or self-destructive behavior, especially once you mix in the prednisone of power.” (Thanks to Carol Stanton of Orlando, Fla., for nominating this.)

Applause as well to Jonathan Liew, mulling English soccer in The Guardian, for the F words embedded here: “There are times — say, while watching Brighton 0 Fulham 0, or yet another feted but fetid early-season stalemate between two title contenders — when the Premier League’s rolling hype machine feels as much curse as blessing.” (Terry Miller, San Francisco)

In The Times, Arthur Lubow wrote: “For more than a century, the Picture Collection of the New York Public Library has flourished, gloriously but precariously, as a shape-shifting misfit within a Dewey Decimal grid.” (Jenny Rosenthal, Charleston, S.C.)

Also in The Times, the columnist Charles Blow asserted that Americans who are refusing to get — and taking a stand against — the coronavirus vaccine are “determined to prove that they are right even if it puts them on the wrong side of a eulogy.” (Conrad Macina, Landing, N.J.)

And Nicholas Lemann, reviewing Michael Wolff’s latest book about our 45th president, explained: “To Trump, in Wolff’s telling, elections are roughly similar to the due dates for loans in his real-estate business — a place to start negotiating.” (Avi Liveson, Chatham, N.J.)

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